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Cellex-C Review- Best Stretch Marks Treatments


Cellex-CTreatment Rating:78.4 / 100
Patients Treated (est.):10,000 - 20,000
Success Rate*:68%
Rank Change:0
Website:Visit Site
Active IngredientAscorbic acid, Resveratrol
Means of RemedyCellular Growth and Renewal

What is Cellex-C?

Cellex-C Advanced C Serum is an aqueous, topical ascorbic acid solution formulated to improve skin health, and reduce the visible signs of aging in a time frame of six to eight weeks. It has also been reported to help reduce skin imperfections such as stretch marks.



The active ingedients of Cellex C are:

Cellex-C Ingredients
Free-form and hydrolyzed ascorbic acidAscorbic acid is a form of vitamin C. It has powerful antioxidant properties.
ErgothioneineThis is a naturally occurring amino acid. Currently, there is limited information on the effects of ergothioneine on the human body; however, it is often a part of the average person’s diet.
Resveratrol This is an organic compound produced by plants in response to injury, bacterial infection, or fungal infection. It has strong antimicrobial properties, though there is insufficient evidence as to its effects in humans. It is commonly ingested by people when eating grapes, blueberries, or raspberries.

Instructions for Use

For best results, the manufacturers recommend cleaning the target area prior to application. If Cellex-C is going to be applied on the face, toner may be applied as well. Use the dropper to squeeze four to five drops into the palm of the hand. Use two fingers to gently massage the formulation onto the skin. Once absorbed by the skin, apply Cellex-C’s Skin Hydration Complex or Hydra 5 B-Complex in the same manner. Apply once per day, either in the morning, or at night.

Outstanding Features

Cellex-C is designed to combat the visible effects of aging, and to improve health of the skin region to which it is applied. It is formulated to improve texture and firmness of the dermis. Cellex-C allows the body to absorb more vitamin C topically than can be absorbed orally. It also reportedly helps fade scar tissue despite not having been intended to do so.

Product Description

Cellex-C Advanced-C Serum comes in a brown, 30 ml bottle, capped with a medicine dropper. It has a white label with black and red print. The bottle is packaged in a white cardboard box with the image of the bottle printed on.

Cost of Treatment

Each bottle of Cellex-C Advanced-C serum costs $78.99. The product site lists no available bundle packages.


The product website mentions that Cellex-C is not for sensitive skin.

Side Effects

The manufacturer lists no side effects.

Warranties and Returns

Cellex-C’s webpage shows no warranties; however, third-party sites such as Amazon offer customers replacement bottles should shipments be unsatisfactory.

Customer Satisfaction*

Cellex-C has mostly positive reviews, with an Amazon customer rating of 4.5 stars. 74% of customers rated the Cellex-C at five stars. 6% of customers rated it as a four-star product. 2% rated it at three stars. 17% of consumers left negative reports. Positive reviews claim that Cellex-C improves skin quality within a month, and that this specific formulation is among the most effective of its line. Negative reviews claim no visible change within the same time period. There is also a large number of reviews — both positive and negative — that mentions problems with shipping, where expired samples are received by consumers.

*Individual results may vary

Manufacturer Information

Cellex-C Advanced-C Serum is manufactured by Cellex-C International. The company has been manufacturing the product since 1991.


For more information, visit www.cellex-c.com

The Bottom Line

Cellex-C can be considered more of a vitamin supplement rather than a product that specifically treats stretch marks or other types of scarring. Vitamin C/Ascorbic Acid is used in most skin lightening products but this alone is not enough to minimize skin damage caused by scarring. Cellex-C’s webpage shows that only 31.6% of clinical trials report reduced discoloration of the skin, and it is unmentioned whether this was on scar tissue or some other form of skin imperfection. If you intend to treat stretch marks, it would be better to think of Cellex-C as an optional addition to any existing treatment you are already using rather than as a singular product capable of solving the problem for you on its own.

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Pat-BThe analysis of this product was prepared, in part, by Pat B.

Pat holds a PhD in Natural Health and has been a Registered Nurse for 35 years.Certifications: American Herbalist’s Guild, Registered Herbalist, Awarded: 2012. Licenses: Registered Nurse, State of New York, Awarded: 2011. Registered Nurse, State of Florida, Awarded: 1975

*Based on aggregated reviews. Not a scientific study of success rate


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