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– Does Cocoa Butter Help Stretch Marks?

Cocoa Butter

If you have stretch marks and are trying to get rid of them you are may be wondering, does cocoa butter help stretch marks?

Cocoa butter is best known for helping keep skin moisturized, and is considered helpful in preventing skin from developing stretch marks. And this makes sense because keeping the skin moisturized can, in fact, help prevent or reduce the chances that you will get stretch marks – or reduce the severity of stretch marks which do form. This is because healthy, moisturized skin will have more elasticity and less prone to tearing of the dermis (which is how stretch marks are formed).

So the answer to “does cocoa butter help stretch marks”: No*.

*Cocoa butter does not help reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks, however it can help reduce the likelihood and severity of new stretch marks forming.

Some people have reported that cocoa butter can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, mainly because it helps soften the skin,┬ábut many others refute that and there is no research to indicate that it helps reduce the appearance. For the best results, you need a formula that contributes to the body’s natural makeup of protein and collagen.


Does Docoa Dutter Help Stretch Marks?, stretch marks

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