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Disappearing Stretch Marks! Best stretch marks cream

As every body builder and mother know, stretch marks are annoying blemishes on the skin caused by rapid growth that cannot be balanced by the body’s skin to prevent long claw-like blemishes on the body. What used to be a wildly popular belief, the belief that no one can prevent or get rid of the appearance of stretch marks, is now known to be untrue. There is a way to get rid of stretch marks, though preventing them is nearly impossible as they only occur in people who are genetically inclined to receive them.

There are a lot of creams and lotions out in the market that many people swear reduce the appearance of stretch marks, only a small handful of moisturizers actually work. What is the best stretch marks cream? In the article Disappearing Stretch Marks, the reader sees how stretch marks are formed, and is given the latest research that supports the introduction of retinoids, a chemical related to Vitamin A, is beneficial to erasing the appearance of stretch marks. He/she is also given several methods that have been known to work so that the individual can make an informed decision as to how they want to get rid of their stretch marks.how to get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks can hit any individual at any given time. Male or female, teenager or 20-something. For anyone who knows anything about stretch marks, they know that stretch marks are tears in the skin caused by either rapid muscle growth or rapid weight gain. Rapid weight gain is typically seen in pregnant women, though body builders also experience this as they go through “bulk”periods of building muscle. Teenagers and adolecents also experience stretch marks when they have rapid growth spurts. Preventing stretch marks, while nearly impossible, is something that the individual can strive to achieve. To do this, look at the members of the family and determine who among them has stretch marks. If there are members that have stretch marks, then the individual is likely to receive them as well. A simple routine of moisturizing with a lotion like coco butter twice a day will ensure that there is enough moisture in the skin to be able to adapt to any rapid changes in the body. This routine can help prevent the glaring appearance of stretch marks.

Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body. The most likely of places for them to appear is the abdomen, shoulders, thighs, breasts and buttocks. Even if the individual does not see anyone within their family with stretch marks, it does not mean that they are safe as stretch marks on the breasts and buttocks would be difficult to see when other people are fully clothed. Stretch marks can also appear in other places such as the upper arms as many people find that their metabolism has slowed down and there is fat deposits on places they never thought would have fat deposited. These stretch marks can be diminished in the same manner as any others. However, remember that since stretch marks are made by tears in the skin, they are scars on the body. They should be treated like scars, and are not a thing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. If the individual feels either of these things about their stretch marks or other blemishes on their skin, they should seek therapy from a licensed psychologist.

Many people believe that stretch marks are a medical problem that should be treated with surgery or by doctors. This is not the case. Stretch marks are a cosmetic issue, and while there are surgeons out there who will perform laser surgery on stretch marks to get rid of them, there are disadvantages to having surgery instead of using a moisturizing lotion. Of course, the biggest disadvantage is the cost, followed by the fact that research has shown that not all stretch marks are reduced by this treatment. Also, surgery does not aid in the healing process of the skin, so stretch marks can return regardless of what was done to the skin. Many individuals report side effects of the laser treatments, things like burns or pigment changes in the skin that could be unsightly to the individual. The best thing to do to prevent any of these things from occurring is to use the tried and true method of maintaining a moisturizing routine that helps build and support the skin as it grows and heals from past stretch mark occurrences. If you can’t afford the use of creams and lotions, you can also treat stretch marks at home with the use of maintaining hydration as well as the use of lemons directly on the stretch marks themselves. There is research that supports the fact that lemon juice helps reduce not only the appearance of stretch marks but also helps skin heal from the occurrence of stretch marks.


Disappearing Stretch Marks, stretch marks

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