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– The Best Way to Remove Stretch Marks

Best Ways

If you’ve lived with stretch marks and have done any amount of research you most likely have a fair understanding of the treatment options. You could undergo expensive surgery, laser treatments, or spend months with topical treatment. The question that may keep coming into your head: is it worth the money, pain, risk, and potential side effects?

The answer? It depends. For a full guide on finding a treatment option visit: Our Definitive Guide to Stretch Marks.

A little bit about what we DON’T think works:

We do not believe in invasive procedures when they can be avoided. In fact, when using an effective topical treatment you can often reduce the appearance of stretch marks in as little as one month and do in the comfort of your own home.

Sun Tanning:
Some people think that tanning can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks but it does not. In fact, it usually makes them stand out even more because the pigment in older skin (like stretchmarks) will not darken, leaving the streaks to stand out against the darker skin tone. Additionally, tanning damages skin and it can increase your risk for skin cancer. So not only will it not work to reduce the appearance of stretch marks but it puts you and your skin at risk, and damages your skin even further.

Quick Tips to Consider:
To remove stretch marks you should do a few things. First, stay hydrated. Your body is made up largely of water and water can help the body produce its natural defense systems and support cell regeneration. You should also frequently exfoliate because it removes layers of dead skin and new skin will replace it. Your skin is constantly regenerating itself and exfoliating helps speed up the process. Massaging the skin can help increase blood circulation to the affected areas and break down scar tissue. Exfoliating and massaging alone are not going to remove stretch marks though. You should also use a stretch mark removal cream to facilitate the removal.

How To Choose a Stretch Mark Cream

When choosing a stretch mark removal cream, don’t just pick up any ‘ol over-the-counter product because many of those products are usually hardly more than regular lotion set with fillers or wax. The best stretch mark creams, which will actually do what they promise, will be formulated around naturally occurring substances in the body. These formulation contribute and encourage the body’s natural ability to restore and repair itself.

Look for a cream that’s all natural, has clinical trials to back it up, and is guaranteed. The right cream will start showing results in as little as 3 weeks.


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