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Natural Remedy For Stretch Marks

Natural Remedy

Unfortunately there is no single “natural remedy” for stretch marks. Just a range of actions which can be taken to help promote the skin’s health and eventually reduce the appearance of stretch marks. For more on ingredients known to be helpful in the treatment of stretch marks, visit page 2 of our definitive guide to treating stretch marks.

Naturally Good

Research has been able to validate that foods rich with vitamins A and E are not only great for the body nutritionally but topically applied have some restorative effects for those undesirable stretch marks.

The Science Behind Stretch Marks

An individual’s skin has two significant proteins that deal with how skin presents itself.  They are called elastin and collagen.  People have these proteins throughout the body. Elastin helps the stretching and movement of our skin.  Collagen is the substance that makes our tissues, skin, tendons and ligaments strong.

When a body goes through rapid changes, it often can’t refuel these proteins fast enough.  If an individual can’t restore tissue connectivity and elasticity of the dermis fast enough, it tears and leaves permanent marks.


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