July 2020

Stretch Marks Symptoms


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Stretch Marks Symptoms?

The following are three phases of Stretch Marks if not detected early.  Identifying symptoms early on is a certain advantage in their treatment.

Stage 1:  Discoloration

First signs of your stretch marks will be pink to reddish brown.  Skin surrounding the area may appear flattened. Itching may occur but not in every case.

Stage 2:  Increased Size

Your stretch marks will begin enlarging and will darken in color.  If left untreated, stretch marks begin to expand in width turning a treatable problem area into a nightmare.

Stage 3:  Irregularity

Over time and without proper treatment, stretch marks turn lighter and silver in color while becoming more irregular in shape.

Early detection is a major factor in the effectiveness of stretch mark treatment.  Even within stage 3, with proper regiment and treatment you can dramatically reduce the coloration and size of stretch marks over time.  The key is to take preventative measures prior to the occurrence of stretch marks so that treatment becomes a precautionary measure rather than a remedy.  A combination of diet, exercise, and additional treatment are crucial; pick a treatment that is practical to your lifestyle in the short term and can be maintained in the future.


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