July 2020

Stretch Marks Prevention


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Stretch Marks Prevention- What can I do to prevent stretch marks?

Taking preliminary steps to prevent stretch marks is the best approach.  Even if you do not have stretch marks today the prevalence of stretch marks increasing dramatically with age.

There’s no sure fire way to prevent stretch marks, however there are best practices that will drastically keep your skin looking natural and healthy longer.  The best ways to reduce the risk is to maintain a healthy weight and diet.

There’s no single perfect regiment for preventing stretch marks.  Everyone’s different, however, there are some proven treatments that are more effective than others. (Keeping your body well moisturized may reduce chances, certain topical treatments or healthy exercise & diet including water intake)

Factors that influence getting stretch marks include:

    • Heredity: if there is a history of stretch marks in your family – it is likely you will have them, too.


    • Exercise: daily to keep your skin supple, cardio increases blood flow and promotes the removal of toxins and other wastes from your blood stream. This will help by toning the skin of your body and increasing its elasticity.


    • Ethnicity: people with greater amounts of melanin (chemical product of metabolizing an amino acid called tyrosine) in their skin are less prone to stretch marks.


    • Scratching: Do not scratch; instead, rub lotion or a topical cream evenly on the source and surrounding area to alleviate the itchiness.


    • Water: staying hydrated is linked to healthy skin and will reduce occurrence of stretch marks.

Do stretch marks ever go away?

Stretch marks may become less visible over time in the span of 6-12 months if left untreated.  A regiment consisting of proper diet, exercise, and topical treatment can cut that time in half and eliminate the width and discoloration of stretch marks within weeks.

Is there anything I can do to get rid of stretch marks later?

In some serious cases, you will be unable to eliminate them altogether.  However, those are extreme cases left untreated for prolonged periods of time.  Early detection plays a major role in stretch mark treatment along with consistency and patience. There are a variety of treatment options.

Daily topical treatments containing active ingredients such as Regestril and Squalene Oil should be used as a compliment to this guide. (Note: Retin-A is unsafe to apply during your pregnancy period.  We have been unable to locate any reliable information regarding the amount excreted to breast milk or it’s potential effects on an infant, so it’s advised to avoid during breastfeeding.)

There’s some evidence that laser treatments can help restore the skin’s elasticity and also change the pigmentation. Laser treatments can help stretch marks better match the rest of your skin but can often be painful and expensive.

Important to note: check with your insurance company because stretch marks is often overlooked by most insurance providers and won’t cover the cost of medications, procedures, and appointments.



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