July 2020

Education for Stretch Marks Elimination


The Stretch Marks Authority provides these educational resources for free in an effort to help those looking to understand the toll stretch marks play on your body and even your mind. The information is organized into 4 easy to understand chapters aimed to introduce readers to the logic and dynamics behind stretch mark treatment.  Begin with Chapter 1: Introduction to Stretch Marks.

Education Chapter 1Introduction to Stretch Marks

Education Chapter 2Risks and Prevention

Education Chapter 3Stretch Marks Symptoms

Education Chapter 4Stretch Marks Images

Disclaimer: All of this compiled in formation is from credible sources including but not limited to, scientific research and reports written professionals in the health care and dermatology fields. However, the authors of this website and the Stretch Marks Authority accept no liability or responsibility for the misuse or abuse of any information provided. As with all things relating to the health and psychology, the purpose of the information in this book is meant as an informational resource not as medical advice.  For medical advise we encourage you to consult with your own doctor.

Note: Our Skin Care research is designed to illustrate the causes behind stretch marks, the psychological impact and explore the benefits of various treatments.


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